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the branding blueprint guide for bloggers

You've probably heard the term "Branding" being tossed around often and think it's all about cool fonts and pretty colors. But what if I told you that building your brand will actually help you create real connections with your audience, and grow a crazy engaging community?

The Branding Blueprint has some of the obvious (and not-so-obvious) best ways of communicating your blog's voice, vision, and values to your readers. Just think of this as your 'little black book to branding' regardless of your niche.

So whether you're a 'pro blogger,' or just starting out, this guide will help walk you through building an authority in your niche, and growing an engaging community that actually cares about the content you create!


The Branding Blueprint contains key principles you need for branding your blog from storytelling to visual identity.



Build a well-defined brand identity, that communicates your blog's voice, values, and overall vision more clearly.



Create an avatar and draw the right kind of readers to your platform. You know, people who are actually interested in your content, and of course want to share it with thier friends! 



Discover the building blocks of branding and create the look, feel, and tone of your blog to your audience so they recognize your content before they even see your name!

Pen and paper


Learn the purpose and power of great storytelling. Your blog plays a role in someone’s life, but you influence how important that role is through the story you tell—that story becomes your brand. 

Hey You,

I'm Lola! And I want to help you discover your blog's purpose, and build an authority that gets people to pay attention to your message, and of course want to share it with others! I'm crazy passionate about helping you get clear on your vision so you can create ever green content that adds value to the lives of your audience. That’s what this book is about. Teaching bloggers like you, the best ways to build a unique brand story that shares your message, connects you to your audience, and builds an engaging community. 

- Lola Akinkuwo, Creative Coach & Brand Strategist

the branding blueprint

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